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Wheel balancer S-T 1200

PIC-(Wheel balancer S-T 1200)

Name: Wheel balancer   S-T 1200

Largest wheel weight: 150 kg
Rim diameter: 10 "- 24"
Rim width: 1.5 "- 20"
Largest wheel diameter: 1200 mm
Power supply voltage: 380 v - 3 ph
Air pressure: 8-10 bar
Product features:
Streamline design, sedate fashion.
Main shaft adopts vertical installation, bearing ability.
The balance sizes tire conversion function.
Equipped with pneumatic lifting a car, make it convenient to operate large tires.
Has a fault self-diagnosis, self calibration function.
Can choose pneumatic brake and brake pedal.
Can choose the tyre cover.
Balancing machine features:
1, advanced computer processing system, a unique design concept, to ensure that the balancing machine operation speed, high accuracy, high intelligence, high stability.
2, perfect wheel data input function, suitable for different countries, regional unit system conversion, convenient and quick.
3, the standard calibration function, can be convenient for the user to eliminate a variety of causes of equipment measurement error, to ensure accurate.
4, a variety of balance mode selection, suitable for all kinds of wheel balance.
Work environment: the temperature of 0 ℃, 50 ℃, relative humidity of 80% or less, no condensation.