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Portable bead breaker tool 

PIC-(Portable bead breaker tool )

Portable bead breaker tool uses the principle of pneumatic and hydraulic, compressed air as the power source,put the air pressure converted to oil pressure through the foot pump , thus provide a powerful driving force?to stripping the large tire rims .?it is easy to strip the steel rim.?Suitable for mobile operations and on-site emergency operations.
The material of stripping claws?is?alloy steel . it is made by forging?, high hardness?and long service life.?Imports of sealing rubber ring on the oil cylinder part is?wear-resistant anti-corrosion.?Piston rod uses polished chrome plating, fine workmanship. Applicable to all types of construction vehicles, forklifts, trucks, lorries and other vehicle tires. The pneumatic hydraulic tire stripping device?has?small size?and?light weight, greatly improve work efficiency.?It is a common tools for tire replacement and maintenance .
portable bead breaker tool portable bead breaker tool 
1.?Small size, light weight, suitable for construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles and truck tires repair and replacement;
2. Integrated design, the stripping claws of hydraulic tire stripping device is made of alloy steel by forging, It is durable ;
3. The oil?cylinder uses spring automatic reset;
4.?Chromed piston?rod is made?by heat treatment, corrosion resistance, wear resistance?and?high service life;
5. High-quality hydraulic foot pump, maximum output pressure up to 700KG.
portable bead breaker tool portable bead breaker tool