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Tire changer S-T620

PIC-(Tire changer S-T620)

Tire changer S-T620

> No lever hexangular shaft working by air pressure
Air pressure control the mounting head rotation
Double square turntable have self-centering device function
Slide with step function
"Bead blast" inflation for special tyre(Optional)
Inflating control pedal at the side
Four set slider and auxiliary arm have double safyt locking
Tilting column
Air reserve tank (Optional)

Technical data

Rim clamping from outside               11"-21"
Rim clamping from inside                 13"-24"
Max.wheel width                                 350mm
Max.wheel dia                                     1100mm
Operation Presure                              0.8-10bar
Power Supply                                     110/220/380v
Motor Power                                       1.1/1.1/0.75kw
Net Wright                                           265kg
Gross Weight                                      295kg
Outside Dimension L*W*H              1220*1020*1820mm

the aluminum air cylinder