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Tire changer S-T887HCD

PIC-(Tire changer S-T887HCD)
Tyre changer 
Brand Name :HBYD-887HCD
product details:
1. Powerful, innovative pneumatic flip removable head, replacing the traditional crowbar, you can completely protect the tire bead and the rim, make disassembly easier disassembly tire easily.
2. imports increased alloy reducer, no automatic tape centering locking device, the operation more convenient.
3. The up and down motion synchronous type tire pressure arm, steel wheel tire pressure, tire pressure alternative shovel, maximum protection of the rim.
4. adapt to all kinds of tires disassembly, disassembly is flat tires, run-flat tires (PAX) the best equipment; maximum tire sizes up to 26 inches disassembly.
5. High-precision automatic tire inflation system, tire changer after inflation to more quickly and accurately.
6. Dual continuously variable speed motors, reducing the difficulty of the tire changer.