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Tire changer S-T620V

PIC-(Tire changer S-T620V)

Tire changer S-T620V

Tyre changer S-T620VTyre changer S-T620VTyre changer S-T620VTyre changer S-T620VTyre changer S-T620V
Tyre changer S-T620V

Tyre changer S-T620V

1. pneumatic locking, automatic adjustment design
2. The new multi-function auxiliary arm
3. Reclining cushion damping Configuration
4. 2500kg Aluminum cylinder
5. In the case of Prolonged High intensity work, we could adjust the room of Pillar and base simply by a nut, then let the pillar remain at the absolute vertical condition, the best working condition.
6. Drawer style pedal assembly design, easy to maintain
7. The second axis, which fixes the tire, could be adjusted. It could Adapt to different sizes of rims, tires with different hardness
8. Adjustable support, insure the perfect stability in the process of removalling and installing of tires

Specification data
Rim clamping from outside 10”-22”
Rim clamping from inside 12”24”
Max tyre diameter 1000mm/39.5”
Max tyre width 380mm/14.5”
Operation voltage 8-10bar
Inflation Max pressure 3.5bar
Bead breaker force 2500kg
Power supply 220v/380v
Motor Power 1.1kw/0.75kw
Equipment weight 225Kg
Packing 1000*750*1600mm