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Tire changer S-T 887HCD for car

PIC-(Tire changer S-T 887HCD for car)
Tire changer S-T886HCD

Tire changer S-T 887HCD

Power supply voltage: 220 v / 50 ~ 60 hz  380 v / 50 hz

Power: 1.1 Kw

The pressure of work: 8 ~ 10 bar

Max Rim diameter: 26 "/ 1100 mm

Rim width: 14 "/ 360 mm

Net weight: 474 kg

Gross weight: 546 kg

1. Powerful and novel pneumatic flip the mounting head, replacing the traditional levers, can completely protect the tire bead and rim, to facilitate tear open outfit, dismantling tires, easily

2. Import increasing alloy reducer, automatic no grail center positioning locking device, more convenient operation

3. Synchronous movement type tire pressure arm up and down, plastic pressure tyre wheel, bead alternative voltage, maximum protect the rim

4. Adapt various tires, tear open outfit is disassembling flat tires, explosion-proof tyre (PAX) the best equipment; Biggest disassembling tyres sizes up to 26 inches

5. High precision automatic tire inflation system, give after disassembling the tyre is more fast and accurate

6. Double speed stepless motor, reduce the difficulty of tyre disassembling