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Tire changer for motorcycle

PIC-(Tire changer for motorcycle)

Tire changer for motorcycle

Motor power 0.8-1.1KW
Bead-breaker force 2500kg
Rim diameter Outside clamping 6”-24”
Max. Tire diameter 960mm/38”
Rim width 3”-15”
Rotating speed 7r/min
Work air pressure 8-10bar
N.W 200kg
G.W 230kg
Loading Quantity 72 units

1. Position the box in a suitable location
2. Remove the arm front plate with a suitable tool and remove the base column shaft
3. Apply a layer of lubricant to the bottom and bottom shafts
4. Hold up the column and insert the PU in the column into the inlet of the air tube in the chassis. Then install the column on the base of the chassis.
5. Align the round holes on both sides of the column bottom shaft rotating sleeve and the chassis base. Put a wooden block on the bottom shaft and tap it with a boring head. Finally, place the shaft pin cushion on both sides of the bottom shaft and tighten the bolts.
6. Remove the bolts and nuts from the cylinder rod of the arm cylinder, and then insert the bolts through the round holes on the side plates of the uprights and the round holes on the piston rod. Finally, tighten the locking nuts to adjust the four adjustment bolts. Column is in the correct position
7. Mount the arm front panel in its original position
8. Open the chassis side plate
9. Find the PU tube protruding from the column and insert it into the break-through connector
10. Install the chassis side plate

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