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Single side lock of longmen

PIC-(Single side lock of longmen)
Lift plays an important role in the automotive repair nursing, regardless of vehicle overhaul, car repairs or maintenance.
There are all equipped with a lift in different scale repair and maintenance companies. Whether it is a comprehensive repair shop that service for a variety of car or bus models, or street stores (such as tire shops etc.) that service for single car or bus model.
Installation requirements:
1, the thickness of the concrete must be more than 200mm
2, the strength of concrete must be # 200 or more, and reinforced with two-way 10@200
3, ground surface level difference should be less than 5mm
4, if the whole ground concrete thickness more than 200mm and ground level to meet the requirements, you can use directly expansion screws to fix equipment without foundations.
1.Using the device you must comply with the operating procedures strictly.
2.Routine examination should be done every day. If it is found the failure, the original is damaged, and the lock mechanism is not working properly, the operation should be avoided.
3. When lift or lower the vehicle, you make sure that the posts around without obstacle, and safety lock open.
4.Lifts cannot overweight, you should pay attention to safety when lift or lower the vehicle.
5.When the lift reaches the desired height, lock button must be operated to make the posts lockup reliable. When find an inclined table,you should be appropriately raised again to complete the lock. If not complete, Do not use.
6.When use the column table jack, youshould pay attention to safety. When the trucks Lifting points should be reliable when lift the trucks, to prevent damage to the vehicle inclination and the vehicle parts. After rising, plus the necessary protection.
7.Evacuate tools, personnel and spare parts when lower the posts.
8.Once there are people who work in the car, others prohibit any button operation and safety devices.
9.After use, lower the posts and cut off the power.
10.Complete the necessary cleaning work for the posts and the lifting area before ending work.