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Jack Stand

PIC-(Jack Stand)
Jack Stand, is a form of jack, the market scope is getting wider and wider. In march, Jack, an Oman customer, made an inquiry of 3 tons and 6 tons of security bracket. Since he is an old customer, he has trusted us a lot. Before that, we have been cooperating with the two products of wheel weights and tire valve. This time due to the market demand in Oman, Jack asks whether there is a jack stand. Then give the customer the quotation of 3 tons, 6 tons of jack stand, as well as product pictures, and product details of the parameters of the first time to the customer, at the same time, to the customer to introduce the product has the following advantages, is also the selling point of the product:http://www.tirechanger.com.cn/product/AutoRepairTools/Jack-Stand-Set.html
1. Thickened bracket: 3MM thickened bracket to ensure safe and stable lifting
2. Thickened base: adopt high quality steel plate, thickened and pressure-resistant
3. Anti-corrosion treatment, resistance to dirt and corrosion
4. Thickened handle for easy use
5. German standard bracket, more durable and stable
In addition, the customer asked whether it is possible to do the frosted surface coating, and then discuss with the factory master, the number of 100 sets is ok. Then the customer decided to purchase 3 tons, 6 tons of security support 100 sets each.