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Birth of the wheel balance machine

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Car takes a very important position in people's lives. The performance of cars is directly related to people's lives, so we value the performance of cars. Balance is very important for the car. Once there is a problem with the balance, it will directly affect the car's normal driving. With the continuous improvement of the mechanical level, the vehicle's balance detection method and equipment have been developed, and the balance machine can gradually complete all the car balance work.
1. History of the development of vehicle balance detection technology
In the process of rapid development of the market economy, there have been many changes in market demand. In this process, the vehicle's balance detection technology has been in three development stages.
1.1 dial gauge. During this period, the balance of the car is mainly measured by observing the amplitude through a dial gauge to estimate the unbalance.
1.2 Spark type motorized balancing machine. By indicating the location of the unbalanced weight, for the unbalanced angular position of the car, it can be found by the spark-type motorized balancing machine, and the position indicated by the spark is the object extreme of the unbalanced position of the car.
1.3 soft support dynamic balancing machine. The soft-supported dynamic balancing machine converts the output signal into a pulse signal, which is compared with the frequency of the rotor to find an unbalanced position.
2. The classification of balance
By testing the balance of the car, you have a good understanding of the way the car is balanced. The balance in cars is mainly divided into two categories:
2.1 Static balance. Static balance refers to the vector sum of the rotational forces of the various masses distributed on the rotating part equal to zero.
2.2 Dynamic balance. Dynamic balance refers to the vector sum of the moment of inertia caused by the rotational inertia force of each mass in addition to the conditions of static balance.

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