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Under what circumstances does the car have to do four wheel alignment

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1. If the tire is replaced, or if the vehicle collides, etc., you need to do four-wheel positioning. Because after changing the tires, the tires have different specifications and wear degrees, and the center of gravity is unstable when driving; and accidents such as collisions of vehicles will inevitably cause more or less gaps or deviations in the tires of the vehicle. .
2. When the tire has excessive wear on one side, it is necessary to consider the position of the tire is not correct, and it needs to be adjusted by four-wheel positioning. Therefore, we usually have to develop the habit of observing the degree of wear on the surface of the tire. If the naked eye does not see it, it can be observed with a small caliper. You can also put that ruler on the tire tread to see if the two sides are consistent.
3. If driving, the steering wheel of the vehicle is very heavy, especially when the steering is much heavier than before, indicating that the steering system of the vehicle has a problem, and it is necessary to check the elimination problem by four-wheel positioning.
4. When the vehicle is running badly, you need to do four-wheel positioning. For example, we are driving on a straight road and weigh the steering wheel. At this time, the vehicle slowly deviates to the left or right, indicating that there is a problem with the direction of the car. It needs to be positioned in four wheels.

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