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Simple use and skill of tire changer

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The tire changer is an essential repair equipment for each 4S shop, auto repair shop and tire shop. When using a tire changer in vehicle maintenance, there will be some tips. Here is a brief description of the tire changer. In the process of using the tips, I hope to be helpful to friends who just started learning how to disassemble tires:
1. For tyres with good but soft and thin tyres: When skimming with a pneumatic chipping shovel, lift the pneumatic shovel control pedal slightly and push the tyre inwards. Make sure that the tongue is in contact with the tyre bead and then use the legs. Or hand to live, to prevent the tire from retracting, and then step on the control pedal, then it is easier to shovel the tire.

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2. For tires with long sports cars: tires are subjected to internal pressure for a long time, and the heat generated by friction between the tires and the ground causes the tires to adhere to the steel rims. When the air shovel is difficult to shovel, it can be first dissolved in water, with a small brush at the bead lip and steel ring more than a few solutions, until the solution infiltrated the bead lip and steel ring gap, and then use the wind shovel shovel Under the tires.

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3, for the hard tire tires: abortion is best to use a car spring steel plate, self-made long crowbar to the bird's head abortive, easier. When you are on the upper tire, use your hands to press the belly of the baby. When the difference is about 200mm, and the tread is at the tightest point, use the right elbow to press the belly of the baby. At the same time, the left hand will follow the trend and push the tire clockwise to prevent the motor and the belt from slipping. It also protects the motor.

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