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Large tire changer considerations

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Large-scale tire changers should pay attention to the large shovel that can rotate in the direction to solve the problem of tires with different center tires of different diameters.
Machine features:
1. The hexagonal shaft, due to the use of S41mm high-quality carbon structural steel material, greatly increases the rigidity and is not easily deformed, so that it is safer and more reliable when disassembling hard-walled and flat tires.
2, the turntable, the use of δ15mm thick high-quality carbon structural steel, its steel and strength are a reliable guarantee, the surface of the dial hard chromium plating process both increase the wear resistance and improve the corrosion resistance.
3, disassembly head, using high-quality alloy material processing, better guarantee its strength.
4. The machine is equipped with a disassembly head protection cover, a protection pad, a claw protection cover, a crowbar protection cover, and a tire protection cover. The rims will not be scratched when disassembling the alloy rims.
5. The size of the turntable clamps is large, which can meet the disassembly and assembly work of small and medium sized trucks and passenger cars.
6. The tire inflation system is an inflatable watch box type and is equipped with a rubber material inflatable hose. It is longer and safer to use.
7, this machine is a vacuum tire fast inflatable device, can make the vacuum tire tread and rim edge close contact, thus solving the common inflation system, one side of the inflatable, one side of the shortcomings of air leakage.
8. The gas tank is built in. The use of a circular column to replace the gas tank exposed outside the machine can minimize the machine's floor space, and thus can effectively use the space.
9. The steel plate and the wear-resistant slide plate are arranged on the turntable to reduce the abrasion of the turntable itself when the rim is clamped and extend the service life of the turntable.
10. Pneumatic Tire Shovel has two gears, fully taking into account the problem of tire inflation for ultra-wide tires.
Tire changer is a traditional maintenance equipment with low technical content. At present, equipment manufacturers are basically in the profit stage. At present, the slightly better repair shop is equipped with a tire changer. As a professional tire shop, the tire changer is indispensable. Similarly, for ordinary repair shops, the use of a tyre changer can greatly increase the efficiency. The problems that can be solved in the past 30 minutes can be easily solved in less than 5 minutes, and the maintenance staff is very easy. Today, Xiaobian recommends two high-end tire changers for large-scale repair shops.
Tire changer machine S-T980. The machine is a semi-automatic type with a swing arm column and also has a fast inflation device. And equipped with HL410 type robot, the operation is more efficient, safe and labor-saving. Especially for the special width, hard wall, flat, vacuum tires, the advantages of dismantling more prominent. The whole machine is produced according to the export standard, and the performance is stable and reliable. It is suitable for use in large-scale repair factories.

Tire changer machine S-T980

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