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We are in the same world, we should support each other

2020-03-16 15:36:54   COMMENT:0 HITS:
At the time of the worst outbreak in China, during the Spring Festival holiday, almost all workers have gone home and are spending a wonderful spring festival with their families. So at the time of the epidemic, we were in short supply of anti epidemic materials such as masks. In the face of this sudden epidemic, this special spring festival, overseas Chinese from all over the world and people of love from other countries have extended a helping hand to let anti epidemic materials arrive in China at the first time. Under the leadership of the Chinese government, the selfless dedication of Chinese doctors and the support of the Chinese people, our epidemic situation gradually improved. In March, most of our production resumed.
But in March, outbreaks began to spread in countries other than China. So we should do our best to help customers purchase masks under our ability. At present, we can provide civil masks, disposable medical masks and medical surgical masks. All masks are manufactured by qualified factories with certificates. Please contact us if you need.
Of course, the epidemic will not stop our economic cooperation. At present, we produce balance weight, tire valve, and automobile maintenance equipment, such as tire changers, car lift, wheel alignment. Please contact us if you need.

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