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Under what circumstances need to replace tire valve

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In the process of using the Tire valve, there may be cases where the device needs to be repaired first. Even some devices may be damaged due to serious damage, or the difficulty and cost of repair are too large. It also requires everyone to replace the new device. Use it. For example, in the following cases, everyone needs to replace the new device instead of repairing the device:

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Need to replace the inner tube valve, the main situation are: thread pressure, screw thread under the compression nut is damaged, the seat is bent, or the valve mouth tube is not sealed. The reason why we need to replace new devices with these situations is that these problems cannot be handled by the corresponding maintenance methods. Even if they can be processed, the effort and time spent are not worthwhile. In this case, The maintenance device does not meet the requirements of everyone's interests, nor does it guarantee that the device after maintenance can achieve good results. Therefore, it is required that everybody should change the new device in time when it is checked that the inner-tube valve has appeared in these situations, and there is no need to attempt to repair the device.
However, if you pass the inspection and found that the use of inner tire valve is not effective, but there is no such thing as the primary election, it can generally be handled by the corresponding maintenance method, and does not need to replace the new device.

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