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Introduction to the tire repair tools

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It is used to repair the tyres
It can be divided into plastic material and ferrum material. As to the plastic material ,it can also consists of two types: T-style and the Gun-style. As to the ferrum material, it can be divided into solid material and hollow material.
Handle design: the streamlined plastic handle is ergonomic, comfortable to handle and not easy to break.
Auger: through auger polishing the break, rubber strip and tire better vulcanization together
Jack drilling: 45 # steel, 45 # steel for high quality carbon structure steel, hardness is not high free cutting, not rus
Rubber strip: used for repairing tires, super adhesion and adhesion, wear resistance, high practical value
Glue: with glue, for use in cold areas, improve safety.
The leakage hole is small, not convenient to repair the tire. Use the screw drill to make the leakage hole larger, put the rubber strip into the socket drill and insert into the leakage hole.

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