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Order For tire removal tools

2019-09-12 14:59:47   COMMENT:0 HITS:
On August 16, 2019, we received an inquiry for tire removal tools from Indian customers on Web. Customers need 500 sets of tire removal tools and he want us to send samples for testing. Searching for customer information through Google, and knowing that the customer is a foreign trade company, mainly to help other retailers purchase goods. According to the customer's request, we recommended two types of tire removal tools, such as seamless pipe and tool steel, and informed him the parameters and application range of tire removal tools and provided video for customer reference. The customer informs that the tool steel kind tire removal tools is required and can be used for the tire tool of 17-24.5 inch vacuum tire.
Based on the customer feedback, we calculated the freight to Cochin and quoted the reasonable shipping and sample fees. After the customer receives the price, he gave us feedback says that the courier fee is too expensive. We recommend that the customer purchase 10 sets tire removal tools as the test order first, so that they can be shipped by sea. And informed the customer 10 sets of tire removal tools prices can be discounted 2%, and discussed with the customer and the boss repeatedly, we finally confirm the price that both parties are satisfied with . Then I made a detailed sample invoice for the customer and he paid for it through the company account on August 20.
Our tire removal tools are repeatedly tested and passed ISO and CE certification, quality and safety, special metal processing, wear-resistant, non-deformation. The structure design is reasonable, and the disassembly and assembly is labor-saving, convenient and fast. Expect customer sample test feedback and official orders.

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