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Dont give up any customers

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On December 12, 2019, the customer Sharma said that the valve is required plus the customer's WeChat customer said that the tire valve is required V3-18-4, 10 samples, and the customer also said that I can pay the sample fee. Therefore, I still try to find samples for customers, because customers need special-shaped samples, and rushed to the eve of the Spring Festival, and told customers that there are only two samples, the customer explained, I have three customers need this sample So I needed 10 samples. At the insistence of the customer, I found another 10 samples, and confirmed with the factory that they must be the same. After getting a positive answer, contact the customer to pay the sample fee. But the problem comes again. The customer doesn't have fast payment methods such as Western Union and paypal. The customer wants the courier company to collect it, but this doesn't work. The client struggled for a few more days, first trying to find a Western Union office. This time is already January 10. Under the reminder of colleagues, let the customer place an order with Alibaba and inform the customer that the customer said it is okay, but it takes a few days.
Customer 21 contacted again to confirm the payment link, and finally the customer completed the payment on January 21. But at this time the valve factory has been closed. During the Spring Festival holiday and the long delay in waiting for the sample caused by the epidemic, the sample was finally issued on February 28. The customer first saw the sample with the customer after receiving it, and completed the sample test on March 14. After three days of wheel testing, the customer gave perfect results on March 14. Then immediately followed up when the order was given, and the customer reported that he would talk to the customer about the quantity. His customer had promised a considerable quantity before. At the same time, through chatting and requesting customer sample books, I found that the customer is actually a dealer who has done a long time to repair and maintain equipment for automotive tires and consumables. Therefore, the follow-up focus will be on the sample valve and on the one hand. We match a variety of equipment, such as car lifts, tire changers, wheel balancers, vacuum cleaners, and wheel balance weights, tire valves, and auto repair tools.
So don't give up any one customer.

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