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The small details in the job are basic work which can not be discounted

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A considerable part of people only focus on skills and shortcuts. They usually ignore product learning completely and their daily work is a mess. To be honest, if the product base is not good, the one who has chaos details of daily work is difficult to have long-term development.

1.Necessary to establish product file folder

Basic product file folder should be established. Each product has one file folder which includes text data folder, picture folder and video folder.

The text data folder includes all the text description of the product, such as product description, nature, COA. If there is a third-party certification, all the necessary documents should be scanned and put in the text data folder. Picture folder is just all the product’s appearance and packaging pictures etc. Video folder includes product line video, test video, team video and every video that can prove the product and company’s power.

With this, we can use them as examples easily when we chat with our clients. One point is always emphasized that we can not always say when we are talking with the client and we have to show these files as our evidence.

2.Find suitable schedule for ourselves

Reasonable schedule is an important means to improve work efficiency. Many foreign trade people’s schedule is chaotic and they just do what they think as a mess. Everyday they are too busy to turn around, but there is no achievement. They still feel unjust because they are not loaf on the job. In fact, it is not injustice at all. Human’s energy is really limited and when you waste a lot of time on the unimportant things then the important thing will naturally be ignored, how can there be results?

There are many ways to schedule things. When you find your schedule confused, you have to find ways to organize your time at once. But you have to know what you want then you know how to do.

3.To establish a perfect customer management files


Even if you have customer management software, you have to establish your own customer management files. Because most people are most interested in tools and shortcuts but do not care basic things that take a lot of energy and are of less benefit.

Use an Excel spreadsheet to create the most basic information statistics tables. No matter whether we have cooperated with the customer or not, no matter which country the customer come from and no matter what the source is for the customer, all them should be put in the excel table. For example, all mail records, customer information collection form, memorandum, documents which have been provided and the establishment of hyperlinks. So obviously, you have to establish the mail records for each customer and each customer must have his/her information collection table. Each client must have a memorandum. During your work, you only need to open this customer information table and you can easily us a variety of records.

4.Remember what you can remember and try not to check the information usually

In fact, it takes a long time for peopole to look for information every day. Such as the password, when the platform is slightly more then inputting the password becomes a problem. I found that many people will open the word document then copy both the user name and the password. Such behavior looks like to take a short time, but it takes a long time to open so many platforms every day.

Once the word document is not at hand, nothing can be done. Therefore, although I am not sensitive to numbers, I try my best to set it as one same password which is easy to remember. When others are 

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