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Choosing high-performance tire changer machine

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The tire changer machine is a machine used for disassembling a tire, and is particularly suitable for the disassembly of tires such as large-sized trucks and construction vehicles. The automatic deflection system of the bent arm greatly shortens the working stroke and makes the structure more compact. It is an ideal tire repair device that saves time, effort, and does not damage the tread and rim.
The tire changer  machine includes a bracket, a working part, a hydraulic pressure and a control part. The bracket is a square frame structure. The working part includes a top ring, a head and a hydraulic top. The hydraulic and control parts include a motor, a pump, a distributor, a fuel tank, a power control switch, The top ring is fixed on one side of the bracket, the hydraulic head is fixed on the other side of the bracket, the hydraulic head is fixedly connected with the head, the head is opposite to the top ring, the hydraulic pressure is located on the central axis of the collar, the motor is fixed on the bracket, the motor Connected to the pump, the pump is connected to the tank through the tubing and the distributor respectively. Because the hydraulic power is used instead of the manual, the working efficiency can be greatly improved. After the elevator structure is adopted, the machine can be applied to different types of tires. The adaptability is strong: the local structure Simple and low cost.
Tire Changer Features:
1. Move the jaws. The outer clamping wheel 9"-26" can be achieved by the displacement of the clamping jaws, which is the most advanced and the largest in the world. Clamping rims are suitable for refitting depots and can also be used for tire lifting.
2. With two-sided mechanical pneumatic arm, suitable for operating methods in various countries around the world, the operation is simple and quick.
3. It is possible to use the working speed of the market to achieve a double speed of 7 revolutions/min -14 revolutions per minute to improve work efficiency and is particularly suitable for the production of tire factory production lines.
4. Simple and effective upper explosive device to solve tire inflation difficult, flexible and mobile, can be random, separable, suitable for all kinds of tire stores. Especially the use of the image shop.

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