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Order for shortwave infrared heating lamp

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On November 16, 2019, we received an inquiry from our Indonesian customer about shortwave infrared heating lamp on official  website. The customer needs 100 pieces shortwave infrared heating lamp. According to customer requirements, we have recommended several kinds of shortwave infrared heating lamp, such as 1 lamp, 2 lamps, 3 lamps, and 6 lamps, and informed the parameters and application range of the lamp and provided videos for customers' reference. The customer was informed that a 3 lamp baking lamp sample was required.
S-LD-3AT paint lamp features
1. Using German technology and high-quality identified by the international special light source laboratory IRA infrared shortwave heating tubes (Osram, qold-plated lamp optional).over 8000 hours of lamp life.
2. Using special processing imported 304 stainless steel reflector plates on both sides of the plug of die cast aluminum die-casting (anti-high temperature. anti-distortion).

shortwave infrared heating lamp

3. Automatic Computer control panel with digital display electronic timer, the figures show that the percentage of power, pulse function, snorkels, The lamp body can be rotate 360 degrees, can be controlled independently of each set of lights.safety overload protection.
About this shortwave infrared heating lamp, it is mainly used for car paint. Because its material is steel, it can save the production cost very well, so the price is relatively affordable, and it is suitable for the markets of various countries, so the sales volume is relatively large. Looking forward to customer sample testing feedback and formal orders.

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