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How to choose a good tire changer

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Recently,  we received many message about how to choose a good tire changer from our customersa dn friends. Next I will introduce it to you, and only refer to our personal opinions for reference.

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(1) Pay attention to the rated power of the motor. The larger the power, the stronger the working stability. The power of the motor is generally above 1000W. Some manufacturers use a motor of about 800W in order to reduce costs. The working stability is much worse. When investors purchase, they can remove the side cover and check the rated power of the motor. The motor should have low noise and no obvious vibration during operation.
(2) The noise should be low during operation and there should be no obvious vibration during load. The reducer is a reducer that transmits power to the tire changer. Because the speed of the AC motor is generally above 100r / min, it must be reduced to 100r / Min. can work normally. Reducers are usually made of special materials and alloy materials. When driving, they must have low noise and good balance performance. Some small tire changer manufacturers use inferior hard alloy cast reducers. Noisy at work, pay more attention to the load.
(3) The quality of the tire disassembly head is also directly related to the quality of the tire disassembly. Currently there are two types on the market; one is high-quality just-cast, which is more expensive; the other is made of rubber material, and the price is relatively low. It is relatively easy to identify when buying. A high-quality steel cast tire disassembly head, the market price is about 800 yuan, the ordinary also costs 300 yuan, its curved design curve is more scientific, after many years of use, it is easy to deform, loading and unloading tires It is very smooth, and protects the rim and tire from damage. The inferior tire dismounting head is not the same, the appearance is rough, the curved curve design is not reasonable, the tire is not smoothly loaded and unloaded, and it is easy to deform after repeated use, It is easy to scratch the tires and rims. Therefore, when purchasing, tires must be loaded and unloaded on site to verify the quality of the disassembly head.

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