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Wheel positioning benefits

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Wheel positioning benefits

1 Improve vehicle handling stability.
Increase driving control and ensure safe driving. Wheel positioning parameters change, the steering wheel shakes, the vehicle swings, the heavy steering, and the steering wheel cannot automatically return after the car is running, which destroys the vehicle's handling stability, ride comfort and safety.
2. Reduce gasoline consumption and wear and tear
Changes in wheel alignment parameters affect vehicle acceleration and fuel economy. The rolling resistance increases by 30% compared to the front wheel side slip 5.2/km and the side slip volume 0.2/km. Accelerated performance is reduced by 7.5% and isokinetic fuel consumption is increased by 5%. If the positioning is properly adjusted, in most cases, the constant-speed fuel consumption will be reduced by 3% to 10%, and in some cases even by 20%. As the driving resistance is reduced, the vehicle maintenance cost will also decrease.
3. Ensure that the vehicle goes straight, and the steering wheel automatically returns to the rear.
The front wheel side slip increases by 1m/km, and the vehicle's straight-line travel offset will increase to 12-23cm/100m. Widened driving trajectory affects the passing of the car and is likely to cause traffic accidents. Correct wheel alignment can solve the side or offset of the truck axle or trailer axle to ensure the steering wheel is straight. Reduce the labor intensity of the driver's constant adjustment of the steering wheel. Improve vehicle passability and safety. In particular, the rear wheel positioning parameters of the car change, which also affects the straight-line driving of the car.
4. Reduce tire abnormal wear
Changes in wheel alignment parameters, with a 0.1 degree difference in direction, will result in a 15% to 50% reduction in tire life and a 140% increase in tire wear. Proper wheel alignment prevents the tire from slipping forward when rolling forward, reducing wear and extending tire life.
Cangzhou Shengshi Weiye four-wheel alignment product adopts the wheel centering detection technology combining geometric center line and thrust line, which is the most advanced technology in China. Wheel alignment angle detection and adjustment. It can reach the factory standard, reliable technology and reasonable price.

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