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In terms of application: There are universal balancing machines (such as balancing motors, pump rotors) and special balancing machines (such as car brakes, drive shafts, etc.), horizontal balancing machines, vertical balancing machines, heavy-duty, medium, small and special-sized balancing machines.
From the principle, there are soft support balancing machine, hard support balancing machine, centrifugal balancer, horizontal balancing machine and vertical balancing machine.
The balancing machine is divided into the bridge rack equipment and the electric measuring control equipment. Some of the bridge equipment manufacturers are using new materials to improve their damping performance, using the module design to use a machine at the same time can be applied to a variety of rotor needs, the development of electrical measurement control flow from the electron tube to the semiconductor, to the integrated circuit, from analog circuit to digital circuit, its development is leaps, with each passing day. The
Classification of Balancing Machines
Classification of Balancing Machines
There are manufacturers using a microcomputer-controlled measurement of the sub-flow, thereby balancing the accuracy of the machine measurement, the efficiency is greatly improved, the display respectively using digital, LCD, CRT screen, so that the display more intuitive.
Rigid rotor: At the working speed, the inertia force produced by the mass unit makes the rotor's deformation disturbance can be neglected by the rotor called a rigid rotor
Around the rotor: the inertia force causes the rotor to produce elasticity and plastic deformation, thus changing the imbalance State, thus and the axis asymmetry, this rotor called the round rotor.

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