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Tyre Changer order

2019-11-22 15:30:41   COMMENT:0 HITS:
After checking the details and operate video of car tyre changer S-850M,Customer gave a high appreciated for everything do for him.http://www.tirechanger.com.cn/product/tire-changer/Tire-Changer-S-T850M-for-Car.html
Here also explain Advantage 
1.  Trigeminal aluminum pedals have self-centering device function, in order to mount and demount the tyre
2.  more accurate & save time ;
2.Hexagonal shaft is made of #745 cold-rolled steel(CRS), the mounting head made by German military solid steel standard ;
3.Right back lengthened bold type auxiliary arm system , increasing the coverage of the work, pneumatic control robotic arm can lifte and position anywhere;
4.Pneumatic control left bracket equipment,pneumatic left tire equipment, lifting smoothly in any position to make disassembly tire more easy;
5.Rotary fetal seat in combination with 24 '' large disk and high-power motor is suitable for larger, wider, explosion-proof high-grade tires.
Customer very satisfy and add 2 sets of tyre changer into order . 

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