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The Business Of Two Post Car Lift

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Recently we received an inquiry of two post car lift from an American customer Carlos . This customer need two post car lift . When he saw the hot sale type two post car lift on our alibaba website . He contacted us by alibaba platform and asked for the price . 
When received the inquiry from the customer , I contacted the customer at the first time and asked for the inquired quantity . But the customer wanted to discuss the price first , then discuss the quantity . So I made a quotation list to the customer , but with the different price based on the different quantity . And send the detailed information of two post car lift to the customer . 
The 2 Post Car Lift is a hydraulic drive vehicle lift equipment developed by Cangzhou Shengshiweiye Automobile Accessory Co.,Ltd. It is designed briefly and reasonably. It select hydraulic power unit, having merits of low noise, smooth rise-and-fall . The machine  has the lifting arm , tackle ,safety device against falling , dedicated synchronous lifting wire rope and pump 
About 2 Post Car Lift, it mainly used to lifting the vehicle in the vehicle repairing and maintenance. The commonly used capacity is about 4tons , the lifting height can reach 1800-1900mm , The rated voltage is 110V/220V/380V .
two post car lift

There are three main types of 2 Post Car Lift according to the mode of unlock (release) which is Mechanical Dual-point Release, Mechanical Single-point Release and Electric Release.   Except the mode of unlock (release) and pump , the other accessories is the same . The standard accessories are square tackle , 2 short+2 long lifting arm, 85mm height adaptor and direct-insert tray . Regarding the pump , the Mechanical Dual-point Release type is Iron motor with plastic oil tank, the Mechanical Single-point Release type is Iron motor with Iron oil tank and the Electric Release is Aluminum motor with Iron oil tank . 

The 2 Post Car Lift can widely used all around the world , it is easy operate , stable use , convenient , quick and the price is also suitable . The mainly export countries are Brazil , Honduras , Russia , Poland , Australia, France and so on .

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