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Tire vulcanizing transaction details

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More and more tools and machines for car repairs in the market.
My company: Cangzhou shengshiweiye automobile accessory Co.,Ltd is a manufacturers of auto parts and machines for more than 20 years. We export to various countries, today we introduce the detailed introduction of exporting Turkish tire vulcanizing machine.
The tire vulcanizer is a tire repair machine.When your car tires break down in a large area, this time the vulcanizer comes in handy.

  Tire vulcanizing

This tire vulcanizer model is S-T058,Is the most popular tire repair machine in the vulcanizer.
"voltage:110V or 220V "
input power:500Wx2
temperature rage:145-165degree
Max.repair area:140x120mm2
working pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa
"1.Featured with timer, auto-temperature control, short circuit protection.
2.Upper and down iron can work separetly and together.
3.Equipped with seven plates and sand bag.
4.Able to repair tire tread, tire sidewall, tire crown.
5.Applicable for inner tubes, medium to large tire and vacuum tire."
The average customer order is at least 10 units and a maximum of 100 units.How to pay attention to export details and how to arrange order shipment. Stay tuned for updates.

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