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Tire seal strip order

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On December 16, 2019, we received an inquiry from the Nigerian customer about the tire seal strip on the official website. The customer needed 100 cartons tire seal strip. According to customer requirements, we recommend brown, black; 4mm and 6mm diameter tire seal strips to customers, and informed the parameters and application range of the tire seal strips and provide videos for customer reference. The customer informed that 2 boxes of 200x6mm brown tire seal strip samples were needed. The courier fee is calculated, and the customer pays on January 10.
Features of tire seal strips
1. The material is vulcanized with butyl rubber and natural rubber, so that the tire seal strip maintains flexibility, is not easy to age and harden, and ensures air tightness;
2. Good quality and strong wear resistance. It is composed of "nine strands and sixteen cores" in structure, with nylon thread core and good toughness;
3. Technically through 90 # gasoline high temperature vulcanization, it is easy to soften under heat, has super strong adhesive force, can be effectively stuck with rubber tires, and it is not easy to fall off after use.
4, emergency tire repair, simple and fast, safe and reliable
5.Applicable to all vacuum tires
Rubber strip repair is a relatively old method of repairing tires. The use of threaded needles to appropriately expand the tire stapling site, and then filling with tire seal strip filled with glue is a very rough method of repairing tires, even It can be operated by not separating the tire from the wheel hub, suitable for field work or on-site emergency work. Because its material is rubber, it can save the production cost very well, so the price is relatively affordable, and it is suitable for the markets of various countries, so the sales volume is relatively large. Looking forward to customer sample testing feedback and formal orders.

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