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Tire seal string products information

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Tire seal string products information

A string is a string of colloid used to bond, repair or glue the tire to the tread.
Rubber string component:
The Fiber of Industry 20%; Butyl Rubber 60%; Tackifier 10% ; Curing; Ingredient 5% ; Softener 5%.
String model and color:  100*4mm; 100*6mm; 200*4mm;  200*6mm. Black and brown.
Mechanical: 4mm only manual without mechanism
Handmade: the mechanism is to cut and then bake, retract, Handmade is first baked and then cut.
String storage condition: Suitable storage temperature is below 30 degrees, and protected from light, heat, pressure, moisture, rain
String advantage:
1. It combines unique cold-resistant and heat-resistant process formula with excellent air-tightness, so that the repaired tire can adapt to various road environments around the clock, effectively improve the wear rate and service life of tire retreading, and make the retreaded tire more beautiful.
2. Good adhesion, strong adhesion, good elasticity, shock absorption, anti-collision, long wind storage period, stable product performance.
1. Germany: 100*6mm black
2. Cambodia: 200*4mm black, the problem of reaction is not sticky, 100x4mm black strip
3. Barbados: 100*6mm brown
4. Sri Lanka: 200*6mm brown, hand-made, soft, sticky
5. Nigeria: 200x6mm, 100x6mm brown
6. Indonesia: 200*6mm brown, eagle-headed, mostly American standard (customer said)
7. Ethiopia: 200*6mm brown
8. Lebanon: 200*4mm black
9. Russia: 200x4mm, 200x6mm black strip, 200x6mm brown
10. Ghana: 200x4mm brown
11. Dubai: 200x6 brown strip special packaging
12. Sweden: 100x6mm brown
13. Thailand, UK: 100*6mm
14. South Africa: 200*6mm
15. Azerbaijan: 200x6mm brown

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