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Tire remover accessories

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1. The driving performance of the vehicle is affected. When the vehicle is traveling straight on a flat road, the steering wheel is not right. When the road is straight, it will slide to the left or right. The body will be unstable, the steering wheel will swing from side to side, and there will be floating when driving. The situation.
2. Tire wear is not normal, there is a serious phenomenon of eating tires, but also consider whether it is caused by abnormal tire pressure caused by abnormal tire pressure. Under normal circumstances, excessive tire pressure will increase the wear of the center of the tread, and the tire Low pressure will increase the wear on both sides of the tread; if there is eccentric wear on one side, there may be a deviation in the camber angle.
3. Damage to the chassis and suspension caused by the accident;
4. When replacing the chassis parts such as suspension, steering system, tripod or connecting rod;

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