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Tire changer machine maintenance

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Tire Changer Precautions

 Tire and weak.
Repair method:
Observation of motor tyre work, remove litter, not turn shows motor torque is toolow or the capacitor is faulty, if the motor can rotate pulley sliding notes are due to belts too loose, simply tighten the belt.
2  Claw card died rims.
Maintenance: check that the gas supply pressure conforms to specifications of requirements, if you meet the requirements, check for leakage or blowby, if there is no air leakage and blowby and blowby is jaw concentric high is bad.
3. The atmosphere cannot be cylinder tire. 
Repair: If the bead is unable to (including the empty cylinder can move in the atmosphere, pressure tire pressure tight), generally are low pressure, leak, air cylinder blowby, if idle air cylinder movement, usually compressed air cylinder bead end without the atmosphere.
A. Check gas pressure whether meet Manual of requirements, if meet requirements check atmosphere cylinder whether leak, check control atmosphere cylinder ends of tracheal, connected gas source, five pass valve Shang of two root tracheal in the of a root should gas out, dang stepped on Xia pressure tire foot Shi, another a root tracheal should gas out, if not normal, should for five pass valve or adjustment five pass valve of installation location, makes of work normal.
B. Check the five-way valve properly, the windpipe connected to reset client, beadworking no gas on the side of the nipple out as normal, if the gas out, crack description air cylinder piston or seal wear.
C. Check air pressure: use the barometer to check oil pressure on the inlet side ofthe mist meets the requirements of specifications, if inlet side pressure enough, turn air compressor air supply if the inlet side pressure to meet the requirements, gas-side pressure is not enough, adjust the Lubricator regulating knob, adjust the regulating knob does not work, replace the oil mist.


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