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Tire changer machine notes

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1. Tire changer machine is strictly prohibited open-air use of the machine.
2. Tire disassembly Grinder tire power system to be equipped with automatic circuit breaker, adjustable at 30A.
3. Make sure that the direction of the hydraulic motor is the same as the direction of the arrow. Otherwise, the line should be replaced by the professional.

tire changer machine
4. Operators must undergo professional training, hold the operation permit, and shall not be left long hair, not wear mast clothing, not wearing a tie, ring, necklace, to prevent moving parts to hang.
5. Before disassembly, the tire must be exhausted.
6. Before disassembly, must be discharged in the petrol filter water, to ensure that the motor rotation belt elastic moderate.
7. All moving parts must be kept clean, if necessary, clean with gasoline, and do a good job of lubrication, to ensure that disassembler rotation flexibility.
8. When disassembling tires, it is forbidden to inflate.

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