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Tire changer

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After the customer's order was placed last week, it began to arrange for the product for customer. In the process of arrangement, the customer's appeal is short arrangement time. However, according to the customer's color requirements, the time will be longer than the delivery time, and again communicate with the customer whether other colors is available, so that the time is fast. After confirming with the customer, agree to change the color. Next, confirm the booking information and customs clearance document information with the customer to arrange the booking for the customer. However, the customer never imported before, and need to find a freight forwarder to arrange customs clearance. The document product information and terms have been sent to the customer, and they are looking for freight forwarding. At present, the customer is guided and completed step by step, and the customer is expected to complete the freight forwarding confirmation as soon as possible.
What are the conditions for understanding before using the cart tire changer machine?
1. The use of the big car grilling machine is based on the preparation. Before starting the work, the staff should check the price of the car tire machine and clean the dirt surface of the device to avoid affecting the accuracy of the car tire machine.
2. Before using the cart tire machine, press the reset button to enter the normal working condition.
3, the use of the cart tire machine at the same time press the start button, you can enter the working state.
4. If abnormality occurs during use, press the emergency stop button to stop the machine.

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