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Tire Repair tools

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The new year 2020 is coming!
Recently, many customers have feedback whether they can provide some emergency tools for their reference and later use. According to the needs of customers, we have summarized some products for a lot of reference.
The car air pump is an indispensable tool for tire repair. Although it is a bit expensive, it will be very worthwhile when you really use it. There are also a lot of cheap car air pumps on the market. When choosing them, you should compare them and choose the air pump that is suitable for your vehicle.
Emergency tire repair hand cones and rubber strips: Hand cones and rubber strips are basically sold in sets. After 5 rubber strips are used up, they can be bought separately and the price is very cheap.
Pliers: When repairing tires, it is better to choose pointed tapered pliers.
Wallpaper knife is a tool to be used when trimming the rubber strip.
Water is used to check for leaks and can be replaced with a drink in an emergency.
Please note that the above tire repair method is only suitable for repairing the damage caused by nails or screws to the tire, but it cannot help the strip damage caused by glass and other goods. When repairing a tire, be sure to move the vehicle to a flat place and set up a warning sign at the rear of the vehicle.

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