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Tire Changing Safety

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Tire Changing Safety

Before attempting to remove and mount tires on rims, there are important safety precautions to know.  Serious personal injury can result if proper caution is not observed.  Tires can explode if attention to certain details go overlooked. 
* Always be sure the tire is of the specified size and construction for the rating of the wheel.
* Check that the wheel diameter matches the diameter molded on the tire sidewall.
* Never exceed 40 PSI when seating tire beads.
* Never inflate tire above tire manufacturer’s recommended pressure after beads are seated. Tire problems such as leaks and vibrations can sometimes be traced to improperly mounted tires.
Operators Protective Gear and Equipment
Personal protective equipment helps make tire changing safer.  However, equipment does not take the place of safe operating practices. 
Always wear durable work clothing during tire service activity.  Shop aprons or shop coats may also be worn, however loose fitting clothing should be avoided.  
Tight fitting leather/mechanics gloves are recommended to protect operator’s hands when handling worn tires and wheels.  Sturdy leather work shoes with steel toes and oil resistant soles should be used by tire service personnel to help prevent injury in typical shop activities. Eye protection is essential during tire service activity.  Safety glasses with side shields, goggles, or face shields are acceptable.  Back belts provide support during lifting activities and are also helpful in providing operator protection.  Consideration should also be given to the use of hearing protection if tire service activity is performed in an enclosed area, or if noise levels are high.   
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