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Tire Changer and Wheel Balancer

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Tire Changer Advantages:
1.Advanced product design, reasonable structure, superior performance; suitable for widen thickened flat racing tires to minivans narrow tires.
2.New aluminum stent pedals, compact and durable, easy maintenance. Advanced stainless steel working head, thickened cabinet.
3.Internal structure: tire cylinder, diameter 186mm, the pressure is powerful.
4.It is with right auxiliary arm configuration. The height can be adjusted. Tire removal from small to large omni-directional disassembly.
5. High-precision hexagonal steel slide, so that the equipment is not bad.High-precision hexagonal steel slide, so that the equipment is not badHigh-precision hexagonal steel slide, so that the equipment is not bad.
Wheel Balancer Advantages:
1.Advanced computer processing system, and unique design concept, ensure the computing speed, high precision, high intelligence, high stability of wheel balancer
2.Perfect wheel data input function is suitable for the unit system conversion of different countries and regions of , convenient and fast.
3.Standard measurement and calibration functions let users can eliminate measurement errors caused by a variety of reasons to ensure accuracy.
4.A variety of balance options are suitable for all types of wheel balancing test. 
5.Working environment: Temperature 0 ℃ -50 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 80%, no condensation.

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