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Tire Changer Usage Notice

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Tire Changer Usage Notice

1, According to the instructions for installation, operation and maintenance.

2. Check if the lubricator oil (10# oil) reaches the upper limit. If it does not reach the upper limit, please note the lubricating oil (left hexagon socket plug is the oil hole);
3, Switch on the gas source step on the large cylinder pedal more than ten times, observe the oil mister drip status, can adjust the frequency of oil drop screw, to achieve a large cylinder piston reciprocating once, drop one or two drops of oil.

tire changer usage notice

4. Turn on the power supply to allow the large disk to rotate for one to two weeks before stepping on the small cylinder. In order to avoid damage to the rotary valve seal, leakage occurs.

5, Check the power wiring is correct, the market clockwise rotation.

6, When the tire shovel tires to put spare air for shoveling operation.

7. In order to prevent the compressed air from bringing water into the cylinder, the air compressor needs to drain regularly.
Tire Changer Usage Notice

8. Keep it clean on the turntable, apply a small amount of lubricating oil at the sliding positions of the four corners, and apply lubricant to all frictional parts.

9, Always pay attention to check whether the water separator of the water separator should be drained, whether the oil should add special oil. Careful, regular and careful maintenance will increase equipment life, reduce failure rates, and increase efficiency.

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