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Inquiry of Tire Bead Seater From Europ

2019-05-23 14:56:20   COMMENT:0 HITS:
Today we get a inquiry of tire bead seater from Europe . They ask for hand operation type 5gallon tire bead seater and pneumatic gun type tire bead seater . Total quantity is about 200PCS . According to the customer’s description and picture . We sent the picture of same tire bead seater to customer for confirm. And after the customer’s confirm , We introduce the products to the customer. 
Through compared both type , the customer send their requirements such as color ,pressure and other information to us . And ask for price which include tax and land freight to the port . We calculate the suitable price for the customer according to their quantity, and send the delivery time and expiry timer to them . The customer is very
satisfied for the service and promise to give a feedback to us earlier .
The tire bead seater which produced by Cangzhou Shengshiweiye Automobile Accessory Co.,Ltd is the tire industry standardization essential products. It is widely used for 4S shop , car repairing factory . and have good quality and durable. And we also has the CE certificate for this products which can best promise to export this goods to the countries of Europe. 

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