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The tyre changer performance characteristics

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Notes concerning product performance:

1. Pay attention to the rated power of the motor, the greater is the power, the stronger is the work stability. Generally the motor power is above 1000w, while some manufacturers use 800w or so to reduce production cost by which the work stability would be inferior, While the investors can check the motor rated power marked on the nameplate of the tire changer. Low noise can be generated when the motor is running and there would be no obvious vibration.
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2. There is low operation noise and no obvious vibration when the motor is under high load. The reducer is the reduction gear of the tire changer for power transmission. The machine can operate properly under 30r/min through the reducer on account that the AC motor usually runs at a speed of above 1000r/min. Usually, the reducer is made of special material or alloy material which requires low noise and good work stability when operating. However, some small tire changer manufacturers use inferior hard alloy material reducers which have big noise at work and should be paid more attention at load time.
3. The quality of the tire mounting head is directly related to tire mounting and demounting. The tire changer should adopt high quality steel made tire mounting head because it enjoys many advantages of its scientific curved design, not easily deformation after years of use, smooth operation and avoiding damage of the rim and tire. Oppositely, the inferior one has rough appearance, unreasonable curved design, not smooth operation, easily deformation and is easy to scratch the tire and wheel rim.

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