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The role of balance weight

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The wheel of car is made up of tire, the wheel hub as a whole. But because of manufacturing reasons, made it impossible for the overall quality of the parts of distribution is very uniform. After the car wheel high-speed spin, will form the dynamic imbalance, vehicles on the road wheels wobble, the steering wheel vibration phenomenon. In order to avoid or eliminate the phenomenon has happened this kind of phenomenon, is to make the wheels under the dynamic condition by increasing the weight, the method of correcting the wheel balance of all the edges. The calibration is the process of dynamic balance of the people say.

Tyre shall regularly for a dynamic balance test, and use dynamic balance detector check. Tire balance is divided into two kinds of dynamic balance and static balance. Dynamic imbalance will swing the wheel, the tyre produce wavy wear; Static unbalance produces turbulence and beat phenomenon, often make tires produce flat spots phenomenon. Periodically balance, therefore, not only can prolong the life of tires, it can improve the stability of the car to avoid driving at high speed with the tires swinging, beating, out of control and cause traffic accidents.
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