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The meaning of the wheel balancer

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Cangzhou Shengshi Weiye Auto Accessory Co., Ltd., as the leader of the wheel balance machine industry, hereby share the meaning of the wheel balancer in detail:
According to the principle of mechanical movement, the wheels that reach the higher speed are not caused by the unevenness of the internal structure of the material, the dimensional error of the shape of the part, the error of the assembly size and the shape of the structure, so that the main inertia axis and the axis of rotation passing through the center of gravity of the wheel are not They coincide, so the wheels during rotation will produce unbalanced centrifugal force, especially for high-speed car wheels, which rotate more than a dozen times per second, even if there is a small eccentric moment, it will cause a large imbalance, resulting in a large imbalance. The continuous vibration of the wheel, especially the vibration of the steering wheel, causes the steering wheel to shake, which accelerates the wear of the suspension and steering system components, accelerates the wear of the bearings in the wheel, and makes the car with high vibration difficult to drive and unsafe to drive.

It is very important to ensure the balance of the wheel. It not only helps to extend the service life of the wheel and the normal performance of the vehicle, but also contributes to the safety of the driver. Unbalance can lead to irregular wear of the wheels and unnecessary wear of the vehicle suspension system, and unbalanced wheels traveling on the road can also cause the vehicle to bump and cause driving fatigue. The wheels should be balanced when they are first installed on the rim, and they should be balanced if they are repaired in the future.

wheel balancer

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