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Company Penglai Long Island Three Days Tour

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July 7, 2017, the company organized a three-day tour of Penglai Long Island, the tour is not just a travel for all colleagues, the company also invited the families of all the colleagues for free travel. So this trip, not only increased the cohesion of the team, but also let us enjoy the joy of family reunion in the busy work.
In the afternoon of 7th , we first arrived in Penglai, then by boat reached the isolated Long Island. This moment we are away from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy the sea breeze was blowing, watches the seabirds fly in quiet harmony. In the evening we lived in Long Island Fisherman home, and enjoyed a fishery dinner.
In the morning of 8th , we got up early to prepare to go to the beach. First of all we came to Jiuzhang cliff area. Jiuzhang cliff is located in the northwest corner of the North Changshan Island, west of Pearl Gate Waterway, north of the international route Changshan waterway, belonging to Shandong Yantai Long Island County, 11 kilometers from the Long Island County. Cliffs steep, deep water flow, rock reefs, natural landscape is unique. Cliff stretches more than 400 meters, especially in its cliffs rare combination of stone and high and dangerous to be known in the country, many of the sea in the cliffs come out on top. Then we in the crescent Bay area to enjoy the lovely seal performances. Afternoon in the Wang Fu reef played in the water,then returned Penglai.
9th, after the visit of Penglai, we began to return. Happy time always flies particularly fast, we leaves our footprints to leave our laughter, but the good memories and happy feelings are brought back, and will also delay the ... ...    

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