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Why choose Shengshiweiye four wheel aligner

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Why choose Shengshiweiye four wheel aligner

There are no fewer than one hundred wheel aligner brands. The Shengshiweiye locator has the following features and advantages.
1: Database source: provided by professional data company, fast update
2: Independent intellectual property rights: 3D four-wheel positioning software with complete independent intellectual property rights, 3D four-wheel positioning software independently developed, can obtain functions, interfaces and database for continuous upgrade, eliminating customers' worries. It is suitable for domestic users to use the interface, easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to operate.
2. Dual-screen synchronous display system: The upper and lower displays are displayed synchronously, which is convenient for customers to watch the screen when adjusting or using the trench.
3. Brand computer: use brand computer, nationwide warranty.
4.3D dedicated HD camera: imported high-definition camera, temperature compensation, to ensure high-precision detection under high temperature and cold weather. Not afraid of light, it can work normally under all kinds of light conditions. Different from ordinary industrial cameras, it is not necessary to adjust the lens focal length when using.
5. HD wide-angle lens: imported high-definition lens, wide field of view, to meet the ultra-long, ultra-wide vehicle detection.
6. Dual camera measurement system: Two 3D dedicated HD industrial digital cameras, four target targets constitute the measurement system.
7. Mini laser target: The mini laser target is made of imported materials, which is durable and high precision. There are no electronic components, no battery, no data transmission on the target, completely eliminating the source of the fault and reducing the maintenance cost.
8. Ultra-short and ultra-narrow installation distance: the installation site requirements are low, and the distance from the camera to the front wheel can be as short as 1.6 meters. Ordinary width four columns can also meet the measurement requirements.
9. LED optical indication system: Users do not need to look at the computer screen, according to the intelligent LED status indicator on the camera, you can complete the accurate positioning operation.
10. Dynamic measurement: Rolling the wheel, the body is in a natural state, and the “vehicle positioning reference plane” is detected in real time, which automatically eliminates the deviation of the lifter and the fixture clamping.
11. Static Fast Measurement: A unique “self-learning measurement system” that ensures effective four-wheel alignment data without static measurements. Effective four-wheel alignment data is available when the vehicle is too long or the lift is short.
12. Unique two-wheel positioning system: The two-wheel positioning system helps customers quickly detect vehicle positioning.
13. Lift level measurement system: The level of the lift can be accurately measured with the target.
14. Chassis parameter measurement system: It can accurately measure the chassis parameters and tire diameter. It is convenient for customers to further judge the condition of the car chassis and the wear of the tires.
15. Ready to use: The equipment has been strictly calibrated at the factory and can be used by installation on site.
16. On-site maintenance: If the equipment needs to be calibrated, it will be carried out on site. No need to return to the factory, saving user waiting time.
17. One-click recovery: After the software is infected with viruses or mishandled, the positioning system can be restored with one click.
With so many advantages, it is not fast to buy, the price is also cheap.

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