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Shengshiweiye company welcome Asian customers have a visit to our factory

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At the beginning of march, we received a temporary message from the customer to visit the factory. After receiving the customer's information, our factory manager and colleagues immediately prepared for the reception.
The customer is from east Asia. After knowing the reason why the customer wants to change suppliers, we immediately stepped up discussion and give the customer a best plan. For example, if the customer thinks that the quality of the previous supplier is not good, we should fully prepare the detailed photos of each product and plan to show the product details to the customer, and actually show each part.

Shengshiweiye factory
To learn about the customer's current purchase quantity, and the type of customer, which is dealer or just retail, more sensitive to price or quality, etc. so that to provide customers with a better price under the acceptance range when quoting. For the products, we should also know whether the customers have special requirements on packaging and products, and see if we can do it.
In addition to understanding customers' demand for products, we also need to have a certain understanding of customers' schedule, eating tastes, customers' ages and time in the company. Through the early communication with the customer, We know that the customer will visit several factories this time, and the schedule is relatively tight.
According to the arrangement of the customer, we have prepared to know the location of the hotel and the time from the hotel to the factory for the reception of the customer in advance, as well as the content and information to be discussed next. (product specification, explosion drawing, recommended style picture specification, packaging details, factory certificate, etc.)
Looking forward to the arrival of customers...

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