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Determination of Rubber Wheel Chock in Kuwait

2019-10-30 16:53:36   COMMENT:0 HITS:
On October 10th in Web, I received a customer inquiry from Kuwait, the customer asked about the Rubber Wheel Chock, and then we added WeChat to each other. The customer asked for 5 sets of car ramp at the beginning, we quoted the price to the customer, the customer said the price was too high, we Tracking the value of their products and experience to adjust the price, the customer is very satisfied and asked us to do PI.
The customer later decided that the freight was too high. We and the customer patiently explained that the cube and weight of the product were a little large and the shipping cost was reasonable. Finally, the customer agreed with our offer and paid successfully through the Western Union account in the evening, we received tell the customer after payment and arrange production and delivery for the customer in the first time
This is a very enjoyable collaboration. After less than a week of preparation, we have reached a very satisfactory cooperation. Our inventory efficiency is also fully guaranteed. I hope we can build a long-term relationship and hope to be interested in our products. Customers can always contact us.

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