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Rubber Lubricant

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Rubber Lubricant

Radial tire sidewalls are flexible and their tire beads are designed with a close tolerance for a tight fit to the rim.  During inflation, the beads are not easily forced into position.  If the beads are not seated properly, the tire can have an out-of-round condition when inflated that will make it difficult to balance.  Lubricate both tire beads with an appropriate rubber lubricant.  Good quality rubber lube is slippery and fast drying.  Also lube the bead seats on the rim with rubber lube.          
Using rubber lubes provides the following:
1) Reduces friction between the tire beads and the edge o the rim during mounting/demounting.
2) It helps to seal around the bead during initial inflation of the tire.
3) Friction between the bead seats and the tire bead will be reduced when inflating the tire.  This is important so that the beads will be all of the way seated and the tire tread will not be distorted.  Remember - safety glasses should always be worn when inflating a tire.
Observe the following cautions regarding rubber lubricants:
1) Do not use petroleum products, which will damage the rubber in the tire.
2) Rubber lube should not be diluted with water, which can rust a steel wheel.
3) Do not use silicone lubricants or liquid soaps, which will allow the tire to spin on the rim.

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