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Process of customer to place order of tire valves

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Recently, one customer from Cambodia placed an trial order of 3000pcs TR413 zinc alloy with us.
The function of the valve is to inflate the tire. It is a small part and helps to maintain the seal after the tire inflation. Ordinary valve consists of  the tire valve body, tire valve core and tire valve cap. These are all the three main components.
Customer made an inquiry first. After our quotation, he think it a little high. He just want to change a supplier with a lower price. He said our quotation is higher than the price his former supplier offered. Then I asking him the target price. After knowing it, we finally agree it but only as our EXW price. This behavior shows our sincere heart of cooperating with him. Because of the small quantity, we could not reduce more.
But customer was still a little hesitation. Based on the good service and quality of our company. We have established trust between us. Customer finally placed an order with us. He pointed Yiwu warehouse as our destination. All the tire valves have been delivered yesterday.
When the customer place the order, he did not ask us to send related products completion and package pictures. But in accordance with our company practice, before delivery, we are sure to have products completion and package pictures. I got these pictures from our colleague and sent it to the customer before delivery. Although the customer has not received the goods, he felt very satisfactory with our company.
Our company pays more attention on taking photos of products completion and package. This is also our company’s culture.
We benefits a lot from insisting on doing this.
The reason why a company can do big and excellent business is not only because product quality support. Better service and cultural infection can also bring longtime benefits for the company.
We are such a business.
We are Cangzhou Shengshiweiye Automobile Accessory Co., Ltd.

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