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Order for vacuum cleaners

2020-02-03 19:32:10   COMMENT:0 HITS:
On November 16, 2019, we received an inquiry from our Indonesian customer about vacuum cleaners on official  website. The customer needs 100 pieces vacuum cleaners. According to customer requirements, we have recommended several vacuum cleaners such as 15L, 30L and 70L, and informed the parameters and application range of the vacuum cleaner and provided videos for customers' reference. The customer informed that a 70L vacuum cleaner sample was required.
70L Vacuum Cleaner Features:
1. The original motor is used. The plastic on the fuselage is made of high-quality materials and it is sturdy and durable.
2. Drum type stainless steel barrel is safe and reliable. Because of its excellent durability, it has always been favored by users.
3. Powerful suction 2000MMH2O can work long hours
4. Use floating wave type waterproof device and anti-static device, more safe and secure.
5. Full set of multifunctional accessories, made of high quality materials, durable and suitable for all kinds of cleaning applications.
6. Power cord length 7.2 meters, hose 2.5 meters, can work long distances.
7. With four-wheel base frame, beautiful, easy to move.
8. With suction dust lattice, easy to clean, protecting the motor.
9. Applicable to car beauty, small factories, families, hotels and other cleaning industries.
Accessories: round brush, flat mouth, hose, pipe, vacuum cleaner, squeegee
About this vacuum cleaner, it is mainly used for vacuuming and absorbing water. Because its material is steel and plastic, it can save the production cost very well, so the price is relatively affordable, and it is suitable for the markets of various countries, so the sales volume is relatively large. Looking forward to customer sample testing feedback and formal orders.

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