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Inquiry of Motorcycles lifts from Colombia

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Today morning, we received an email from an Colombia customer who is a large auto repairing equipment purchasing company that is mainly engaged in the import of auto repair equipment and then sold in the local country. Customers are involved in a wide range of products, and the quantity is large, The customers are mainly imported in China. Now they mainly want to find more Chinese suppliers and compare the prices to facilitate the next purchase.

Customers received our electronic catalog by email and select the appropriate products according to their demand which mainly motorcycle lift with single board and double boards. And they confirmed the function and technical parameters of each type of car lift. They gave the corresponding quantity and the expected price. Based on the customer's market and the survey of the price of the car lift, we accurately calculate the quantity and price which was given by the customer, and finally quoted the customer a suitable price.

When sent the price of car lfit to the customers , we also marked the main advantages and types of the product to the customer , as well as the important and special accessories, indicating the thickness of the raw materials which used on the car lift, so that the customer can better understand the performance of the car lift, and convenient for customers to clearly distinguish the reasons for different car lift prices.

Our car lifts are mainly exported to Europe, South America and Asia, such as Russia, Poland, France, Brazil, Argentina, Honduras, Thailand, etc. The product quality is higher, the price is affordable and the certificate is complete, the customer is highly praised and the return rate of order is higher.

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