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Maintenance of the Car Tyre Machine

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The tire changer machine not only has a wide range of applications in the plastics field, but also gradually gains a large market space in rubber machinery. The cart tire machine plays an important role in the production of rubber products. No matter which kind of rubber machinery, if you want to maintain a good working condition, you will have to maintain and maintain it. The big car tire machine is no exception. For daily maintenance work is also very important, the following small series will introduce.
1. A comprehensive inspection of the cart tire grilling machine is required before installation. Check the machine during inspection, including steel structures.
2. check the surface of the parts for anti-corrosion, etc., do a good job of inspection records.
3.Arrange the staff to clean the cart tire grilling machine regularly, check whether the fasteners are loose or not, and properly lubricate the care.
The tire changer machine should be executed according to the system, and the inspection and maintenance work should be done well. For the maintenance and overhaul of the cart tire machine, the appropriate time should be arranged to ensure that the cart tire machine is in normal work.

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